We are pleased to announce the creation of the Institute of Native American Studies (INAS) at the University of Georgia. INAS provides programming, instruction, and research support in Native American Studies.

Central to the mission of both Native American Studies as a discipline and to INAS is the study of the indigenous peoples of the Americas from the perspective of the indigenes themselves. Our logo reflects our mission. The yellow circle reflects not only the hoop of existence but the life-giving sun, revered by the Mississippians, their Muscogean descendants, and the Yuchi here in Georgia (as well as numerous peoples throughout the Americas). Within the circle is the name of the institute in Cherokee, written in Sequoyah's syllabary, the only internally invented alphabet for a Native language. Because both "institute" and "studies" are abstractions, and "Native American" a foreign construct, the title is impossible to translate with total accuracy. Reflecting our mission, we opted for "We Are Speaking Here." It is our intent to have Native nations and peoples speaking here through INAS.

We are not, however, an institute of Cherokee, or Yuchi, or Creek studies. We are the Institute of Native American Studies. Our focus at INAS is two-fold. Because of our location and the unique history of Natives in Georgia, we have a special interest in what is today the American Southeast. Yet, following the best trend in the discipline, we treat Native American Studies as a "borderless" discourse. Our scope is as wide as the Western Hemisphere itself.

At the core of INAS are its undergraduate and graduate certificate programs. These permit students to earn UGA degrees in common disciplines such as religion, English, law, anthropology, or history (or many others), while developing an expertise in Native American Studies and demonstrating it through a separate credential. Those interested in the certificates should click here for undergraduate students or here for graduate students for a discussion of requirements.

INAS at UGA represents an innovative approach to Native American Studies. Our faculty is made up of nationally and internationally known scholars, who together represent experience as wide as the Americas themselves. 

Native Americans are not of the past. We represent living and vibrant cultures and traditions. We are excited about the possibilities and future of INAS. We hope you will be, too. To learn more, we invite you to explore this site. To contact us, click on the link below. Wado.

Jace Weaver
Native American Studies