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Reinaldo L. Román is the author of Governing Spirits: Miracles and Spectacles in Twentieth-Century Cuba and Puerto Rico (UNC Press, 2007). He has published articles and book chapters in The Oxford Handbook of Latin American History, Journal of Religions in AfricaCentro, and Caribbean Studies. Román is currently working on a monograph titled Cuban Genesis that explores the history of espiritismo in late-colonial and republican Cuba. His article "Espiritismo and Urban Planning: Envisioning Regeneration in Havana and Oriente after 1898"  appeared in The Oxford Research Enclyclopedia of Latin American History in September 2016.


B.A. Anthropology and Religious Studies, Brown University 1991

M.A. History, University of California, Los Angeles 1994

Ph.D. Latin American History, University of California, Los Angeles  2000

Research Areas:
Selected Publications:

Governing Spirits: Religion, Miracles, and Spectacles in Cuba and Puerto Rico, 1898-1956 (Chapel Hill: University of North Carolina Press, 2007)

“Published Spirits: On Spiritism and Print Culture in Puerto Rico and Cuba, 1860s-1930s.” (In progress).


“Cuba’s Futures Past: Religion, Neocolonialism, and the Remaking of Havana and Oriente,” Oxford Research Encyclopedia of Latin American History (forthcoming)


“Governing Man-Gods: Spiritism and the Struggle for Progress in Republican Cuba.” Journal of Religion in Africa 37 (2007): 212-241. Re-printed in Stephan Palmié, ed. Africas of the Americas (Leiden: Brill Academic Publishers, 2008)