Georgia Power Professor in Environmental Ethics, Associate Professor of Environmental Design, INAS Steering Committee Member

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202 Denmark Hall

R. Alfred Vick is Associate Professor of Environmental Design. He is an award-winning landscape architect and an ethnobotanist. An expert in sustainability, his principal area of interest is preserving and enhancing the functionality of natural systems while effectively integrating human use. 

He is the leader on INAS's ongoing project with the Cherokee National Historical Society to reconstruct the Tsa-La-Gi historic village in Tahlequah, Oklahoma. Related to this is his research project, "The Impact of Indian Removal on the Availability of Culturally Salient Cherokee Plants," which he will share with Cherokee Nation. Among the classes he teaches for INAS are Plant Communities of the Cherokee Landscape and Plant Communities on the Trail of Tears.

Prof. Vick received his B.S. from the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, and his M.L.A. from University of Georgia, Athens. 


B.S. University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign 

M.L.A. University of Georgia, Athens. 

Selected Publications:
  1. Vick, R.A., Calabria, J., Echols, S., Ogden, M., Yocca, D. 2012. Site Design: Water. Sustainable Sites Handbook. Meg Calkins, Editor. John Wiley & Sons. New York.
  2. Calabria, J., Vick, R.A., and Cassity, P.W. 2011. UGA’s Green Infrastructure Plan: Student Envisioned. 2011 Georgia Water Resources Conference Proceedings.
  3. Vick, R.A. Cherokee Adaptation to the Landscape of the West and Overcoming the Loss of Culturally Significant Plants. American Indian Quarterly Vol 35. No. 3 (Summer 2011). University of Nebraska Press.
  4. Vick, R.A. The Plant Communities of the Trail of Tears: Overcoming Relocation and Reestablishing a Connection to Place. Council of Educators in Landscape Architecture 2008 Conference Proceedings.
  5. Vick, R.A. Low-impact Land Development: The Practice of Preserving Natural Processes. Chinese Landscape Architecture. Volume 25/166. (translated by CAO Juan)
  6. Wenger, S.J., Carter, T.L., Vick, R.A., and Fowler, L.A. 2008. Runoff Limits: An Ecologically-based Stormwater Management Program. Stormwater 9: 1-10.
  7. Vick, R.A. Low-impact Land Development: The Practice of Preserving Natural Processes. Journal of Green Building. Volume 1, Number 4.
  8. Vick, R.A. 2006. Site Design for Stormwater Management. Landscape Architectural Graphic Standards. Len Hopper, Editor. John Wiley & Sons. New York.
Of note:

Cherokee Nation Sevenstar Stalwart Award, 2014

University of Georgia Teaching Academy, 2013

Outstanding Faculty Member – Sustainable UGA Awards, 2013

Distinguished Faculty Member – CED Alumni Association, 2013